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We would suggest an IPTV Subscription 48 h Trial for $2 ONLY. Please find below the links for this offer.

We offer discounts to our customers, mostly for 6 months and 12 months subscriptions.
With IPTV PACK You can watch more than 9000 channels at the highest quality possible and enjoy all-new movies and series.

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Smart TV – IPTV Subscription – 48 h Trial
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Obtenez un abonnement d’essai IPTV GRATUIT et profitez de tester notre service, nous vous fournissons une énorme liste de lecture de chaînes IPTV, de haute qualité, sans mise en mémoire tampon et sans carte de crédit requise. Nous offrons des remises à nos clients, principalement sur des abonnements de 6 mois et 12 mois. Avec IPTVPACK Vous pouvez regarder plus de 9000 chaînes avec la plus haute qualité possible et profiter de tous les nouveaux films et séries. Pays disponibles: USA, France, Belgique, Suisse, Espagne, Portugal, Italie, Allemagne, Pays-Bas, arabe, Royaume-Uni, Latino, Turquie, USA, Canada, Australie, Afrique, Inde …


IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. This new inexpensive technology is replacing the traditional cable and satellite services for many families around the world. You can think of IPTV as cable television on steroids, through the Internet, but for a fraction of the price. Most IPTV services provide hundreds to thousands of channels in addition to the professional sports season passes for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and more.

One thing to look for when searching for a provider is payment options.

Most also provide full access to Pay-Per-View sporting events. Because of the uncertainty of these apps, TROYPOINT always suggests paying for IPTV services on a month-to-month basis. That way, if your provider goes offline or you find a better one, you are not tied down. For those who want to stay completely anonymous when purchasing an IPTV Service, we suggest using Blur.

Abine Blur is a safe and anonymous way to make payments online and keep your identity secure! Abine Blur – Secure Your Online Purchases. Another thing to consider when choosing a service is the number of connections it offers. Sometimes, users can view IPTV on up to five devices simultaneously, while others allow only one. (Oftentimes, different packages are provided with connection and price options). IPTV Services come in all shapes and sizes and prices will vary.

However, these usually range somewhere between $5-$20 per month, saving users hundreds of dollars a year. Some higher priced options may provide added benefits such as VOD (Video-On-Demand), 24/7 Customer Support, and more. One of the more popular benefits of a higher priced IPTV Service is a working EPG. An EPG or Electronic Program Guide, allows users to lookup programs in advance and search for viewing content

Comment configurer IPTV sur Smart TV via Smart STB ?

Smart STB est une application Android qui peut être installée sur Samsung, LG, Philips et de nombreux autres Smart TV. Cette application vous permet d'avoir un service IPTV sur un portail, tout comme les boîtiers de configuration MAG avec toutes les caractéristiques...

Les avantages d’être un revendeur IPTV

Avoir différentes façons de diffuser votre contenu vidéo préféré devient l'avenir de la télévision, qu'il s'agisse d'IPTV ou de toute autre plate-forme de diffusion en continu. De nos jours, les services IPTV et les fournisseurs IPTV deviennent de plus en plus...

Net IPTV vs Smart IPTV | Meilleur IPTV Player

L'application Net IPTV, la meilleure alternative à Smart IPTV, est une application légère nouvellement développée avec de bonnes performances et un codec de lecteur, Net IPTV VS Smart IPTV a des fonctionnalités presque similaires, elles vous permettent toutes deux...

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